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Unless otherwise explicitly noted, all original authored content on this site is licensed for use and distribution in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) license.


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The site would not be possible without open source software and designs. It is written in markdown and compiled to static pages, which is then hosted on DigitalOcean or Google Cloud Platform servers.

This is made possible using the static site generator Hugo, with an adapted version of the open theme Beautiful Hugo by Michael Romero; which is in turn, adapted from Beautiful Jekyll by Dean Attali.

Some commonly shared web resources this site uses include Bootstrap for site design, KaTeX to draw equations, Font Awesome for logos and icons, jQuery for common Javascript actions, and Google Fonts for well-designed online fonts.


As a strong supporter of online privacy, this site does not collect any user information or statistics using embedded tracking tags, pixel beacons, or advertising analytics scripts such as Google Analytics. It also does not directly embed any external images, videos, or pages that collects user information for behavioral tracking and advertising.

To deliver pages this site does use Cloudflare, which logs some access information to provide their security and reliability services, but not for advertising purposes.

This site also does use aforementioned shared web resources delivered by cdnjs, BootstrapCDN, and Google Fonts. These widely-used content delivery services may log some access information, but only if your web browser does not already have an existing copy of these resources from visiting other sites.