About Me

Scientist  ·  Engineer

James Wu

I am a neuroscience and neural engineering researcher at the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering and University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, USA.

I also do systems engineering and product development at White Matter, LLC in Seattle, building synchronized, scalable, high-bandwidth electrophysiological and behavioral recording instruments for neuroscience research.

You can reach me through Twitter, or email: contact at analogist dot net.

Work  ·  Teaching

I believe that making our bodies work with neural interfaces requires a firm understanding of neural computation principles; sensor systems with low financial burden for end users; and a system designed with security and usability.

Grasp neural dynamics

I am working on my PhD in neuroengineering, with a focus on the computational principles behind how we are able to effortlessly transform intent into complex movements.

I work on custom electronics and embedded systems with a focus towards bringing easily deployable, robust large sensor networks to neuroscience.

I am also intensely interested in applied security engineering.

Most importantly, I try to understand systems and infrastructure.

Pacific Science Center

I have 20+ peer-reviewed articles in movement neuroscience, brain-computer interfaces, brain state prediction, functional neuroimaging, and optoelectronics. Some recent work include:

Electrocorticographic Dynamics Predict Visually Guided Motor Imagery of Grasp Shaping

Task-Specific Somatosensory Feedback via Cortical Stimulation in Humans

Multistep model for predicting upper-limb 3D isometric force application from pre-movement electrocorticographic features

I think visualization of concepts are particularly important. Some recent work include:

Interactive web application for exploring matrices of neural connectivity ( Affinity )

I am passionate about teaching and public outreach. I am a volunteer scientist at the Seattle Pacific Science Center and a lifelong tutor. Some recent work include:

Work featured: Signal Processing Powers Next-Generation Prosthetics - IEEE Signal Processing

Smithsonian Magazine: Melding Mind and Machine: How Close Are We?

Education-Arm: Inverse kinematics closed-loop robotics arm

Education-Timer: Audio/Visual reaction timer